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Less oil over time

Decreasing oil absorption also results in extending the oil’s useful life and reducing your oil costs. This can represent a big savings over ordinary deep fryer cooking.


No flavor transfer

Since very little oil is transferred into foods in a Pressure Fryer, there is virtually no flavor transfer among product loads.


Faster, more even cooking

Frykon7 Pressure Fryers feature a patented round cooking well design that eliminates hot spots and provides superior heat distribution. The finished chicken product will have a crispy, golden-brown exterior and will be tender and juicy throughout.



Frykon7 pressure fryers cook food under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:


More tender, juicy and flavorful foods

Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage

Faster cooking times and lower energy costs

Made of stainless steel all-round, for good looks & easy to clean.

Simple operation , Quick to cook, under 3-5 mins per batch

Secure to use,the fryer adopt a flexible beam supporting device with solenoid valve and two pressure relief valves to ensure a suitable pressure and prevent explosion.

The machine cooks the food in a low temperature and high pressure condition, it can make the most healthy food.

Suitable for all kinds of food,such as fish,chicken,meat,vegetable,and chips. Perfect for guest houses,hotels,restaurants and leisure snack bar, fast food takeaway work.


FRYKON7  Fryers are known for quality, high output and years of dependable, trouble-free operation.

Learn about the features and benefits that can help set your business apart.



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The best commercial cooking equipment you can buy.

If you’re going to invest in pressure fryer, you need to know about Frykon7. Our equipment delivers years of safe, economical operation. Why Pressure Fry?