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1. What is pressure fryer?


A. In cookingpressure frying is a variation on pressure cooking where meat and cooking oil are brought to high temperatures while pressure is held high enough to cook the food more quickly. This leaves the meat very hot and juicy. A receptacle used in pressure frying is known as a pressure fryer.


B. Pressure fryer vs Pressure cooker?

Pressure frying is mostly done in industrial kitchens. Ordinary pressure cookers are generally unsuitable for pressure frying, because they are typically designed for a maximum temperature around 121 °C (250 °F) whereas oil can reach temperatures well in excess of 160 °C (320 °F) which may damage the gasket in an ordinary pressure cooker causing it to fail. Attempting to pressure fry using a first generation pressure cooker can be very dangerous.[1]Second generation cookers are somewhat safer, but can still be dangerous if proper precautions, like opening fill limits, are not taken.[2]
Pressure fryers operate at a lower pressure than pressure cookers.[3] The gasket in a pressure cooker's lid can be melted by boiling oil, which can result in burn injuries to anyone in the vicinity when they fail.


2. What are the payment methods?


We offer both Online as well as Offline options NEFT /  IMPS / Demand Draft / Money Order / Cash Deposit ]




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Note : As soon as you make a payment , please mail us at giving details of the payment made and your name with contact details.


3. How long does shipping usually takes?
Almost all items are sent by expedited delivery service, and in most cases it takes 10-15 working days  from the time you order till the moment parcel arrives at your door.



4. Do you provide International delivery?
Yes, We ship our product worldwide.

For international shipping, customers will be charged a separate delivery cost. Please write to us for further information.



 5. Is tracking information provided for my order?
Sure. We keep you informed every step of the way. We contact you when your order is ready to ship and provide you with the proper tracking number



6. Do you ship inside India?

We’ll deliver anywhere in India.

We use reputed couriers as shippers so any place they can reach, we can ship (and that means almost anywhere, including rural areas).



7. What warranty support am I eligible for?

We reserve the right to repair or replace products covered by an warranty.



8. Whats the warranty period?

Our pressure fryer comes with a 1 year warranty*



9. What is not covered by warranty?

Pls contact our customer support for information



10. What if I have a question is not listed here?

While we do try to cover the most common questions we understand that different people have different concerns, so please feel free to use the “Contact Us” page to ask any questions you need to get answered.









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